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I want people with celiac disease to enjoy good tasting family favorites that can be taken to social events and shared with confidence with family and friends. Our gluten-free products taste as good as the foods we’ve all grown up with. Welcome one and all to West Meadow Farm Bakery where we believe good food should not be exclusive! - Lois Blaisdell

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Featured Product

Gluten Free Bodacious Brownies

There’s nothing better than moist chocolaty brownies to give you that late afternoon energy boost - not to mention, they're 100% gluten free! One p...

Gluten Free Bodacious Brownies
Quantity (920 available)
Price: $13.89

Featured Product

Feelin' Groovy Granola 2lb Bag

This hefty 2 pound bag will keep you going for days. Stays fresh in the resealable heavy duty bag. The perfect size if you like your granola in a v...

Feelin' Groovy Granola 2lb Bag
Quantity (955 available)
Price: $16.99