Do You Ship?

West Meadow Farm Bakery Gluten Free Sandwich Rolls
Yes: we ship our West Meadow Farm Bakery Gluten Free Sandwich Rolls

If we pick up the phone on a busy Thursday, it's almost a guarantee that the question on the other end of the line is a request to ship some of our gluten-free baked goods. You'll find our answer to be simple and complex: "Yes, but..." Let's break that down:

"Do you ship?"

We do! With caveats.

"What do you ship?"

We ship breads, bagels, muffins, scones, cookies, brownies, pizza crusts, baked rolls, and flour. We have order minimum recommendations so that the price of shipping makes it worth it for you. For example: shipping a single loaf of bread won't be cost-efficient, but shipping three sliced loaves so that you can freeze two or two sliced loaves plus two muffins? Much better. 

"When do you ship?"

We ship on Tuesday and Wednesdays, so our can bake your items fresh on Monday/Tuesday.

"What carrier do you use to ship?"

We now ship only via UPS as the postal service has proven remarkably unreliable as of late. With UPS, we ship Ground (2 day) to customers in New England and New York and require Overnight for all other regions. You see: we do not use preservatives in our products and have had the displeasure of finding non-North Eastern customers getting their packages a week or two late, even with 2-day shipping guaranteed. In some cases, we can freeze your items prior to shipping to help the preservation process. 

"What do you charge for shipping?"

Whatever the cost UPS quotes based on the package weight. We don't take any additional fees. 

"How do I order items to ship?"

Right now, give us a call or send an email to info@westmeadowfarmbakery.com. We'll confirm your options, quote your price, and then we can chat over the phone to get your credit card info and email you your receipt. We'll then email you your tracking number once your package has shipped. We hope to set-up a simple online ordering process in the future, but for now baking is taking up most of our hours.