How Do Destination Deliveries Work?

West Meadow Farm Bakery Delivery Van

While we're a proud Vermont business, we also know many of our gluten-free customers come from all over New England. We ship our products to reach a good number of you, but when life got complicated in 2020, we knew we needed to find a new way to reach our New York and New Hampshire neighbors. And thus, Destinations Deliveries was born! 

What are Destination Deliveries?

Once a month, we load up our van with gluten-free baked goods and deliver orders to Plattsburgh, New York and the Upper Valley (NH/VT).

Where do you deliver? 

In the Upper Valley, we meet at the Wilder Park and Ride (15 Hewitt Street, White River Junction). 

In Plattsburgh, we meet at the Crete Civic Center. We're the big delivery van with West Meadow Farm Bakery on the side.

When do you deliver?

We aim for once a month to keep your gluten-free pantry stocked. Here is the tentative 2021 schedule:

2021 Destination Deliveries

  Plattsburgh Upper Valley
January January 16th @ 11:00AM January 23rd @ 11:00AM
February February 13th @ 11:30AM February 12th @ 3PM
March March 20 @ 11:30AM March 14 @ 11:30AM
April Easter Deliveries: March 27th Easter Deliveries: March 27th
May May 8th @ 11:30AM May 1st @ 11:30AM
June June 12th @ 11:30AM June 5th @ 11:30AM
July July 10th @ 11:30AM July 3rd @ 11:30AM
August August 21th @ 11:30AM August 14th @ 11:30AM
September September 11th @ 11:30AM September 4th @11:30AM
October October 9th @11:30 AM October 2nd @ 11:30 AM
November November 20 @ 2:30 PM November 20 @ 11:30 AM
December TBD TBD


How do I pick-up my order?

Whether you're in New York or New Hampshire, you'll easily spot us at your delivery spot - we're the big delivery van with West Meadow Farm Bakery on the side. Come on over (masked and respectfully distanced), share your name with our driver, and they'll give you your order. Easy as pie! 

What can I order?

Almost anything off our menu! If the delivery is around a holiday, we can also add in that holiday's specials. 

How do I place an order?

You can call or text in your order to (802) 878-1646 or email us at info@westmeadowfarmbakery.com. We prefer all orders to be pre-paid, so we'll eventually chat on the phone to take your payment. Please place your order by noon the Thursday before your delivery date so we have time to make your order!