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Who are we? We have a staff of full-time and part-time employees along with interns from some of the region’s finest culinary institutes. We also work with special-needs students as well as local high schools students who are ready to gain real life work experience. We have a terrific team.

The Beginning: Once diagnosed with celiac disease in 1997, proprietor Lois Blaisdell began, in earnest, her journey into creating delicious gluten-free foods that not only she could enjoy, but her family and friends could enjoy also. Her youngest daughter was also diagnosed while in high school and that was when Lois really put her undergraduate degree in home economics and masters in nutrition to the test. “I wanted to make ‘normal tasting’ foods to replace the staples of my daughter’s diet. I was determined to make these foods good enough for her to share with her friends without them knowing that they were gluten-free”. Word got around and soon a demand for Lois’ delicious gluten free foods reach a level where an expansion was required.

And thus, West Meadow Farm Bakery was formed.

Today: Today West Meadow Farm is a commercial and retail bakery in Essex Jct., VT and now we are very excited to be able to offer our food over the Internet! All of the products that we are offering on the web are time-tested recipes that will ship and store well. You can also find these products and a larger variety of our baked goods such as pies, bread, muffins and more in our own bake shop or at health food stores around Vermont, including: Healthy Living, City Market, Sweet Clover, Natural Provisions, Hunger Mountain Co-Op, Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op, Green Top Market , Newport Natural Foods, Plainfield Co-OpLittleton Food Co-Op , Buffalo Mountain Food Co-Op and Mountain Greens in Bristol

With the addition of more bakers and a greater level of knowledge of the science of food we have been able to expand our offerings and have had great fun experimenting with new ideas, and developing our established products. We are also working to accommodate people who have to worry about more than just being gluten-free. Along this line we have focused on dairy and soy allergies. We have detailed ingredients for all our products on our packaging as well as on our Bake Shop page.

Lois Blaisdell Before she was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1997, her doctor said that anemia was the reason for her persistent fatigue. But it wasn’t until she was sent to a gastroenterologist that the results from an endoscopy showed she had celiac disease.

Lois has always been interested in food, and she loves to bake. Born and raised on a farm in Vermont, she learned how important sharing good food with friends and family was to the quality of our daily lives. It wasn’t until she had to eliminate foods from her diet that she realized just how integral food was to our social lives as well.

This is why she started West Meadow Farm Bakery. Lois wants you to be able to enjoy good tasting family favorites that you can take to social events and share them with confidence, knowing that they taste as good as the foods you grew up with. Lois believes that good food should not be exclusive.

The rest of our team:
Sarah B ~ Sarah comes to us with a background in psychology. Although she lacks formal training, her family has been a great source of inspiration, pushing her to develop more dairy free and egg free products.
Rebekah S.
Amanda J.
Amanda P.
Jordan V.
Brittany A.
Gabby M.
April H.
Ashleigh C.

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